About Andalucía TECH

International Campus of Excellence

The International Campus of Excellence (ICE) Andalucía TECH arises from the fusion of capacities of the University of Seville (US) and the University of Malaga (UMA). It is specialised in six Educational and Researcher Poles of Excellence. Within these sectors Andalucía TECH promotes innovation, internationalisation, talent attraction and sustainability in collaboration with partners.

The objective of Andalucía TECH is to promote excellence in education, research, knowledge transfer and in the campus environment. To do this, the ICE performs different actions in close cooperation with prestigious foreign research institutions and with the main regional economic development organisations. Andalucía TECH aspires to go beyond providing training in professional skills, but to form future community leaders of the society and the Andalusian economy; with a critical and entrepreneurial spirit. All of this is done in the heart of a cultural, accessible, healthy, conciliatory and fully committed campus.

The model of the Andalucía TECH ICE is based on three pillars: aggregation, specialisation and internationalisation. These elements are present in all fields of action.


Andalucía TECH has more than 150 partner entities between public bodies, technological parks, technological centres, businesses and other entities. Ten of these collaborate in its governance forming part of the Board of Trustees of the Andalucía TECH Foundation. The other associated organisations participate in different ways in the campus. This aggregation ensures strong connection with the productive sector, promotes the improvement of employability and encourages socio-economic development of the


Andalucía TECH specialises in technology, to be specific, in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Production Technologies (TEP) and Biotechnology. These are the areas that have greater synergies between the strengths of the US, the UMA and the partner entities. These strengths together with the environmental opportunities define six individual sectors in which the Campus works on. These are the Educational and Researcher Poles of Excellence and are the following: Aerospace, Biotechnology for a Healthy Society, Communications and Mobility, Energy and Environment, Transport, and Tourism and Territorial Development.


Andalucía TECH aims to establish itself as an international benchmark and position among the world's best technology campuses. To this end, the ICE makes numerous activities in the field of internationalization, such as talent attraction, promotion of mobility or partnerships with foreign entities belonging to their areas of specialization.

The ICE Programme

The ICE Programme was originally mooted in 2008 and is part of Estrategia Universidad 2015 (University Strategy 2015), Spain’s Government plan for higher education reform, which aims to reinforce the social dimensional of education, foster excellence in all university functions and encourage the internationalization of teaching and research. Andalucía TECH was qualified as International Campus of Excellence in 2010. It is the only global scope ICE in the south of Spain. It is composed by US, UMA and more than 150 partners, stakeholders and entities composing the Science, Technology and Business System.

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