Government and Foundation

Andalucía TECH goverment model

The aim of the model of governance is to promote the strategic plan for the ICE and to coordinate it in two ways: with partner entities and with both of the promoting universities. To this end, the Andalucía TECH Foundation was effectively set up by public deed in March 2011.

In this model, two levels can be distinguished: a strategic planning level and an implementation level. 



Strategic planning level. Andalucía TECH Foundation

On a strategic planning level, the ICE Andalucía TECH General Management, the Board of Patrons and the Technical Monitoring Office are involved:

The General Management is composed of an equally represented committee which includes both Rectors, both Vice-Rectors responsible for coordination of the ICE and both Vice-Rectors of Research from the promoting universities. Their mission is to promote and monitor the implementation of the actions designed in the three strategic plans, which make up the ICE Conversion Project.

The Technical and Monitoring Office is made up of specialists whose function is exclusively to coordinate, promote and carry out the actions of the ICE.

The Board of Patrons consists of the main partner entities of the ICE. Here is where the Annual Plan of Action is approved, that is the actions considered as a priority each year and the resources required for that. The proposal of the Annual Plan of Action is led by the General Management and implemented by the Vice-Rectors in charge of coordinating the ICE in each area of action.

The General Management is accountable to the Board of Patrons and receives technical and administrative support from the Technical and Monitoring Office. 

Implementation level. Supporting universities and partner entities

The implementation level is made up of four action areas: Teaching, Research and Knowledge Transfer, Transformation of the Campus and Internationalisation. Each area covers the different work groups for which they are responsible.

The Area of Teaching is made up of the work groups belonging to the International Postgraduate and Innovation School, the Teaching Excellence and the Andalucía TECH Joint Degrees.

In the Area of Research and Knowledge Transfer are included the work groups in charge of the Educational and Researcher Poles of Excellence (Aerospace, Communications and Mobility, Transport, Tourism and Territorial Development, Energy and Environment, and Biotechnology), Doctorate Studies and Employment and Entrepreneurship.

The Area of Transformation of the Campus includes the work groups for the Joint Campus, the Sustainable Campus and the Interaction with the Environment.

Finally, in the Area of Internationalisation undertakes the tasks related to the Positioning Strategy, the Bridge to Asia and Latin America and the Centre of Excellence at the University of California in Berkeley (UCB) are undertaken.



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