Poles of Excellence

Andalucía TECH Poles of Excellence

El CEI Andalucía TECH se especializa en seis áreas denominadas Polos de Excelencia Docente e InvestigadoraAndalucía TECH specialises around six Educational and Researcher Poles of Excellence: Aerospace, Biotechnology for a Healthy Society, Communication and Mobility, Energy and Environment, Transport and Spatial Development, Tourism and Territorial Development.

Andalucía TECH provides an ideal environment for collaboration between enterprises clusters and specialized research groups. In each pole are several possible ways to participate:

  • Research and Transfer Programmes
    • Joint Research
    • Basic Research
  • Internationalization of R+D+innovation
  • Requested Education
    • Postgraduates
    • Permanent Education Offer
  • Employability
    • PhD Formation
    • Practices on Companies for students and PhD
    • Culture, Social Responsibility, Mentoring

The areas covered by the poles of Andalucia TECH are the greatest potential to lead change in the economic model in the region and constitute the largest science and technology aggregation territory.

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