Energy and Environment Pole

The Energy and Environmental Pole of Andalucía TECH takes a close look at the study of renewable energies as an alternative to the classic models of energy generation and storage.

The energy sector, along with the impact it has, is key for Andalucía TECH as an economic model of sustainable development.

The region of Andalusia is strategically located to take advantage of unlimited clean energy alternatives (solar, wind, maritime, biomass, etc.). Part of its economic model is the existence of strong business base with the capacity to contribute competitive solutions on an international level.

Andalucía TECH offers a collaborative environment among OPIS institutions, spaces for transfer, and productive sectors with the aim of improving competition in the sector.  

The course of action in this pole in focused on: Renewable Energy and New Generation, Transformation and Storage Methods; Energy Transport and Smart Grids; Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; the Environment; and Global Warming.


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