On-demand Education

The completion of the Higher Level Training Cycle

The completion of the Higher Level Training Cycle is part of the proposed International Campus of Excellence model. This model has striven towards collaboration between university education, the vocational education and training as well as the businesses that form part of this new educational ecosystem.

The incorporation of Vocational Education (FP for its acronym in Spanish) and Training has begun with designing activities targeted at two areas:

  • The design of on-demand training educational complements with the Andalucía TECH entities partners.
  • The establishing of bidirectional gateways between the university and the vocational education and training. 

Andalucía TECH has an educational offerings covering different its areas of specialization. To develop this offer carefully has the Lifelong Learning Centre (Centro de Formación permanente, CFP), based in Seville, and the Own Degrees Service (servicio de Titulaciones Propias), in of Malaga. Both make use of teaching and research experience of renowned academic teams and outstanding external professionals.

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