The first 'Escala Local' workshops on self-building ecologies

Workshops, conferences and round tables took place from 6th - 9th October in Espacio Link
Sat, 10/10/2015

The Andalucía TECH International Campus of Excellence (ICE) and the association Lógicas Locales organised the first Escala Local (e:L) workshop, an international architecture meeting that theoretically and practically experiments with materials and technologies conceived locally. Espacio Link hosted the workshops on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th October.

The program's approach successfully went beyond constructive materiality and reflected on how choosing a material or constructive system must be coherent with the environment, urban, social and economic reality where it takes place.

It was based on the view that exciting change is experienced in the dialogue between architecture and society and that the architect's methods and approaches are being reassessed. In this sense, the event did not only experiment with practical solutions for recognised needs, it also looked at the objective of thinking how to have a wider effect on a highly complex society that is undergoing continual change.

Escala Local intends to create a learning environment that encourages curiosity and interest in collaboration to reach creative solutions for specific problems in our environment. And to achieve such the workshop was structured into three practical workshops (reed, cork and recycling), conferences and round tables. Furthermore, there was a series of complementary activities every day after 6 p.m.

The workshop included collaborations from the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Malaga's Superior Technical School of Architecture, the charity, Arquitectos Sin Fronteras, and PIE: Tecnologías de Bajo Coste.

The chair of the association Lógicas Locales, José Manuel López, and the director of the UMA Superior Technical School of Architecture, Carlos Rosa Jiménez, both attended the opening event. Following the presentation, the renowned architect and professor from the University of Berkeley, Ronald Real, gave a lecture. Under the title "Earth Architecture", professor Real spoke about his projects and research on said material through his sociocultural involvement.

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