Internationalisation is one of the key pillars of Andalucía TECH and a constant in the actions undertaken.

International Map


The main lines of internationalisation are the following:

Creation of centresand establishment of bridges with prestigious foreign institutions

To reinforce its presence in the U.S., Andalucía TECH has established a partnership with ICE VLC Campus to create a Center of Excellence Andalucía TECH - VLC Campus at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB).

On the other hand, the double International Bridge Asia - Andalucía TECH - Latin America strengthens the visibility of the ICE in these regions and promotes the implementation of several actions of internationalisation.

Improvement of the international positioning

Andalucía TECH has a competitiveness plan that defines measures to support research and policy groups to attract talent in order to be among the world's best technology campuses in their areas of expertise.

The promoting universitiesrank separately in the international rankings. The positions obtained by the US and the UMA in the Shanghai Ranking 2013 show that, in case of appearing together as ICE, Andalucía TECH would be among the 150 world's best technology campuses (engineering field), fulfilling one of its main objectives.

Strengthening policy of European double degree

Andalucía TECH fosters, through agreements with European universities, the policy of double degrees and participates in several Erasmus Mundus initiatives oriented to the ICE specialization.


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