International Bridge to Asia and Latin America

The double international bridge with Asia and Latin-America forms part of the Andalucía TECH strategy to consolidate its international presence.  Within the bridge framework, a set of procedures have been directed to create and reinforce the relations with the universities of these two geographical areas.

The bridge with Asia is based on reinforcing the presence of Andalucía TECH in South Korea and China, by means of organising joint teaching, research and transference events as well as to establish visiting teachers and student exchanges.

Andalucía TECH counts with a Reception and Representation Office of the National University of Incheon (South Korea) in Malaga, and an Andalucía TECH Office in the National University of Incheon. Through this, Andalucía TECH is the first Spanish campus to have a representation office in a Korean university. The activities and services offered are the following:

  • Student mobility between Andalucía TECH and the National University of Incheon, offering reception services such as background information of the destined country, accommodation and student tutoring.
  • Exchange student scholarship programme.
  • Visiting teachers programme between Andalucía TECH and the National University of Incheon.
  • Support programme for cultural events for the East Asian Studies joint degrees and for Andalucía TECH in general.

Andalucía TECH has opened a Representation Office in the South-west University of Science and Technology (SWUST) of Mianyang (China). This office offers:

  • Reception services to facilitate the incorporation and integration of the students and teachers of the SWUST into the Andalucía TECH campus.
  • Conducting joint events in the areas of Andalucía TECH.
  • Student mobility between Andalucía TECH and SWUST.
  • Cooperation programmes with Shanghai International Studies University, Xian International Studies University and Tsinghua University from Beijing in which work is being done on designing the double degrees and master's degrees.

Following the same model, Andalucía TECH plans to open an office in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

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