International Centre in the USA

A partnership between VLC Campus and Andalucía TECH

Andalucía TECH has formed a partnership with the ICE VLC Campus in order to create an International Centre of Excellence in the USA.

This initiative is part of the internationalization strategy of Andalucía TECH, specifically in regard to the establishment of centres of excellence in prestigious foreign universities.

To this end, Andalucía TECH, VLC Campus and the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The participants in this MOU recognize the value of educational, cultural, and scientific exchanges among international research institutions, and have determined that sufficient interest exists to establish this formal understanding. 

This centre, in addition to having a strong and stable connection with the UCB, would also be the first Spanish union of two ICEs for network activities.

The activities may include:

  • Joint educational, cultural and research activities

  • Exchange of faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars

  • Participation in seminars, workshops and academic meetings

  • Exchange of academic materials, publications and other information

  • Special short term programs and visits

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