Mobility of Foreign Students

1. First time University Admissions Having passed pre-university studies in country of origin  1.1. Students coming from EU educational systems or from states with agreements in Spain a. Request for UNED Credentials on the following link: b. Passing the University Admissions Tests (PAU) (Optative)
1.2. Students coming from other educational systems a. Recognizing pre-university studies at the Ministry of Education, Spanish Embassy or Consulate b.Doing the University Admissions Tests (PAU) c.Online pre-registration on the following link (where you can also check the pre-registration deadline):
2. Admission to university studies with studies already started in country of origin a. Request for partial recognition of foreign studies, for which you should contact the academic centre of undergraduate studies b. Follow the process of normal registration as seen on the following links: University of Seville: University of Malaga:
3. Admission to university studies for students holding university degrees from another country. Option A a. Recognition of university degree obtained in country of origin in the Ministry of Education, Spanish Embassy or Consulate 
b. Access to undergraduate studies based on capacity of university degree or equivalent 
Option B a. In case of denial or lack of recognition, pre-registration can be done as described in box 1.1. o 1.2. on a case by case basis if access is granted due to general capacity allowance
Option C a. Request for partial recognition of the studies done in the country of origin and follow procedures in box 2   
Documents needed (Boxes 2, 3.A and 3.C)   1. Academic certification, that should: a. Be official and provided by an authorised person
b. Be legalised by a diplomatic channel or if needed by an Apostle of the Hague Convention (only for students out of the European Community that are not included in the Swiss or European Economic Area)
c. It should accompany the corresponding Official translation to Spanish if needed
d. Besides the classes taken and passed, the name of the corresponding official degree, the academic validity of the degree within the foreign educational system and its official duration in academic years should be indicated, as well as relation of the classes take and passed to the hours dedicated to each course. 
2. Sworn declaration by the person interested stating that the alleged studies have not been recognised for a degree in the Spanish university system
3. Program of alleged classes for recognition, processed by means of the corresponding department or academic centre’s stamp
4. If needed, specific documentation required by the corresponding university of academic centre in question


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Mobility of Foreign Students



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