The María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies

The María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies is an academic, inter-university and multidisciplinary project that is part of the strategy for internationalization of the International Campus of Excellence (ICE) Andalucía TECH. This initiative emerges from the necessity to build cooperation and knowledge-transfer bridges between the Atlantic countries. Its main objective is to create an academic and scientific framework in Compared Transatlantic Studies, whose main axis is Europe-North America-Latin America as a dynamic forum for dialogue and cultural, social, political and economic exchange.

The main partnership of the María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies is found in the University of South Florida (USF). An agreement for collaboration was signed in 2012 in order to develop the María Zambrano Center at each university, located in Tampa and Malaga, respectively. The chosen name for these frameworks is the one of the thinker María Zambrano, in honour of her pioneer in the Transatlantic thought.

With the intention to detect, establish and promote the relations with the universities and entities from the other side of the Atlantic, it has been designed a course of action, whose main pillars are as follows:

  • Transatlantic Studies Network: to create a collaborative network in order to promote the relations between teaching staff, researchers, national and  international experts from different fields of knowledge.


  • Main activities:
  1. International workshop: to promote a framework for dialogue, research and knowledge transfer at an international level about the issues and problems that affect the Atlantic countries.
  2. Transatlantic Tribune: to make known the contributions, the experiences and the opinion from different experts by means of conferences, round tables, seminars, etc.
  3. University Expert Title in Transatlantic Studies: to create, set up and manage a multidisciplinary training program that provides further training to those university experts that contribute to recognize the relations that take place between the two shores of the Atlantic in many fields (communication, law, literature, history, political science, economy and sociology).


Some of the areas of collaboration with the universities that we intend to make agreements with are:

  • Joint academic and cultural activities.
  • Teachers, students and post-doctorate fellows exchange.
  • Academic material, publications and other information exchange.


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