Research Plan

The Andalucía TECH Research Plan comprises the Andalucía TECH Plan and the Research Plans of the promoting universities.

The objectives are to support research, create research culture where there is none, facilitate the start of the research work, reward research that benefits the entire University, train new researchers, support the work of transferring research results in society and disseminate the image of research.

Andalucía TECH Plan

The grants of the Andalucía TECH Plan are financed with funds received through the International Campus of Excellence. They have two modes: Talent Attraction Plan and Support Actions for Excellence.

Research Plans of the promoting universities

These plans launch grants, which are financed with funds from the US and the UMA. The aim is to promote research in the framework of the Institutional Strategic Plan of each of these universities and in relation to the Andalucía TECH Poles of Excellence.

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University of Seville

University Plan

University of Malaga

University Plan


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