Attraction of renowned researchers


Fellowships to attract renowned researchers, international or spaniards living abroad, at Malaga University´s research groups.


January 31, 2014


Twelve competitive fellowships are called for visiting senior researchers during a minimum of six months and a maximum of twelve months. The stay will be carried out between March 2014 and February 2015 at the University of Malaga.


Each fellowship will be funded with 2.500 Euros to partially cover the accommodation and subsistence expenses during the stay. In addition, it provides a maximum of € 2.000to cover the trip costs at the beginning and the end of the stay.


The candidates must have greater morethan 10 years of post-doctoral experience in any of the following areas: Aerospace, Biotechnology, Communications and Mobility, Energy and Environment, Transport and Tourism and Territorial Development. They have to be foreigners or spaniards living abroad.During the stay, the selected researchers will work in some of the following topics, within the aforementioned areas:

  1. Aerospace: Avionics, Satellites, New Materials, Aircraft Production Technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  2. Biotechnology: Biomedical Research, Green Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
  3. Communications and Mobility: Universal Access to Knowledge, Communications of the Future, Software Security and Digital Television.
  4. Energy and Environment:Renewable Energy and New Generation, Transformation and Storage Methods; Energy Transport and Smart Grids; Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; the Environment; and Global Warming.
  5. Transport: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sustainable Mobility and Co-operation and New Transportation Materials.
  6. Tourism and Territorial Development: Sustainable Tourism and New Technologies in Tourism.



In order to apply to these competitive fellowships, candidates must submit the following documentation (in PDF format) by e-mail to

  1. Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Letter(s) of recommendation.
  3. Candidate’s letter explaining his/her research interests and background in the context of the selected research topic.
  4. Proposal of dates for the stay.
  5. Copy of PhD certificate.
  6. Copy of Passport.



The successful proposals will be selected by an evaluation committee through a competitive award process. Previous experience developing and publishing research works in any of the aforementioned topics, in relation to the six Andalucía TECH specialties denominated Educational and Researcher Poles of Excellence, will be highly valued

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