Art, Reserch and Society

The ICE Andalucía TECH seeks to foster and disseminate the artistic and cultural creation developed in the campus, to promote creativity and to apply new technologies to the arts and culture.

The diffusion and integration with society are vital to Andalucía TECH, which has made ​​use of innovative tools in order to spread its values ​​and achievements.

The cultural activities of Andalucía TECH target essentially to members of the university community, but are also open to the general public. Andalucía TECH promotes the artistic creation of the university community in music, theater, film, dance, Flamenco, painting and sculpture. The ICE disseminates the artistic creation through the organization of events, complementing the cultural offer of the cities of Seville and Malaga.

The most important channel of cultural performance is Andalucía TECH Lab, the Laboratory of Art and Digital Culture Andalucía TECH, which develops the ARS model (Art-Research-Society) proposed by the General Secretariatof Universities and the Institute of Contemporary Art. It is an innovative space that fosters creativity in an interdisciplinary way. It is able to relate art, research and society in various ways: workshops, meetings, laboratories, calls for projects, exhibitions.

The promotion of culture complements the diffusion strategy and establishes a link that strengthens the connection between the academic communities of both universities and the society. It involves performing various actions such as the celebration of summer scientific campuses, the implementation of joint activities and the creation of learning spaces.


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