The commitment of the ICE Andalucía TECH

Andalucía TECH understands sustainability in terms of energy, environment, urban, effects on climate change and social awareness.

Some of the lines of work are sustainable architecture and urbanism, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, waste management, environmental education and social projection.

Andalucía TECH belongs to the Spanish Network for Sustainable Laboratories (Lab * s). The General Research Services of the Andalucía TECH ICE, called SGI in Seville and SCAI in Malaga, have been highly improved through the environmental certification of the facilities and the development of audits that assess the sustainability of the laboratories.  These audits have been performed in cooperation with MAITE Foundation  (Environment, Innovation and Technology). They take into account economic and social factors in order to establish criteria to improve the design, equipment and management of the facilities.

Andalucía TECH, through the enhancement of its research results, actives the processes for the transformation of society and gives it elements of competitiveness and economic sustainability.

In the field of social sustainability, the ICE promotes the reconciliation of personal and working life. Currently, the Andalucía TECH Equality Plan is under development.


More information:   

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