Twenty-two UMA students chosen to incubate their projects at Andalucía Open Future

Mon, 07/09/2015

Thanks to the agreement between Andalucía TECH and Andalucía Open Future signed in November 2014, 22 postgraduate students from the University of Malaga were chosen in the first round of grants for their business plans or innovative business ideas.

These grants aim to promote an entrepreneurial culture and encourage students' business initiative through the activity "Fomento del Emprendimiento y la Innovación Universitarios" (boosting student entrepreneurship and innovation) and are organised by Andalucía Open Future.

Twenty-two University of Malaga students were chosen from the 31 pitches that were presented. Andalucía Open Future will award each student the sum equivalent to 90% of the tuition fees for the postgraduate programme on which they were enrolled during the 2014/15 academic year, including:

- Master's in software engineering and artificial intelligence
- Master's in telematics and telecommunication networks
- Master's in secondary education and A-level equivalent education, professional training and language teaching
- Master's in domotics: Energy management and technical building management
- Master's in electronic systems for intelligent environments
- Master's in new research trends for health sciences
- Master's in cultures of peace, conflict resolution, education and human rights
- Master's in mechatronics
- Master's in social development for artistic culture
- Master's in social and community research and intervention
- Master's in tourism management and planning

The grants were awarded to students from ten centres within the University of Malaga: school of computer engineering, school of telecommunications, school of engineering, faculty of health sciences, faculty of psychology, faculty of business and management, faculty of education sciences, faculty of philosophy and art, faculty of tourism, covering all areas of knowledge.

‘Andalucía Open Future’ is a regional public/private collaboration agreement that involves the Andalusian public administration bodies, large companies and SMEs, business associations, financial institutions, universities and other social stakeholders with the objective of creating an ecosystem that boosts innovation-based entrepreneurship in Andalusia. The initiative is promoted by the Andalusian government and Telefónica, through an agreement that covers different actions. The telecommunications company is to invest €8.9m in Andalusia from January 2014 until 2016. 

Through the agreement signed last year, the ten public universities will open their laboratories and research equipment to the community and provide collaboration possibilities, expert advice and access to patents.

Access the official resolution document HERE (In Spanish).


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