The University of Seville welcomes more than 1500 foreign students

Fri, 18/09/2015

The University of Seville has received more than 1500 foreign students, who will study in its classrooms during this first term or the full academic year. This figure is expected to rise once the second semester arrivals have registered, and the Masters and PhD students are included in the calculations as they are still in the process of registering. 

The first welcome ceremony took place at the Los Bermejales university sports complex. It was chaired by the vice-president for internationalization at the University of Seville, Carmen Barroso. Myriam Díaz, representative from the area of equality, youth and university relations from Seville City Council, also participated. Staff from the international student office explained how the University of Seville operates and all the US services available. The foreign students were able to enjoy a fun day at the University of Seville's sports installations.

The Erasmus Plus programme is undoubtedly the most successful, providing the University with 1152 students from different European countries. Italy sends the most students (504), followed by Germany (176) and France (162).

Furthermore, 231 students join the University of Seville through bilateral agreements, such as the programme Science without Borders (Brazil 65 students, Mexico 86, USA 63). Furthermore, through the Study Abroad in the US programme (Sabius) the University mainly receives students from China and the United States.

Within the University of Seville, the faculty of philology welcomes the highest number of students (228) followed by the school of architecture (113) and the faculties of law (92) and geography and history (86).

These data confirm that the University of Seville is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign students. Carmen Barroso highlighted that the University should feel "extremely proud" of this. She also thanked students for choosing "our University for their studies. Our university community will do its utmost to make sure that you feel at home".


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